About me

Hello, I'm Jonathan Coates, aka SquidDev. I'm currently a student at the University of Edinburgh studying Computer Science, though I mess around with other things in my free time. I work on all sorts of projects, with a strong focus on compilers, ComputerCraft, and reinventing the wheel.


I don't normally have anything to say, so this section is a little quiet. I've written a couple of things though:



Urn is a new language developed by SquidDev, and plt-abigail. Urn is a Lisp dialect with a focus on minimalism which compiles to Lua.


Amulet takes the beauty and power of existing functional languages like ML and Haskell, strips them down to their bare essentials and builds up a new, elegant language.

Perpetually a work in progress, Amulet represents the latest endeavours of plt-abigail and I to create a language we actually want to use.

CC: Tweaked

A fork of the popular mod ComputerCraft, CC: Tweaked adds programmable computers to Minecraft. This fork largely focuses on improving the usability and reliability of the original mod, rather than adding brand new features.

I also help maintain all sorts of projects related to ComputerCraft, such as the CCEmuX emulator, popular add-on mod Plethora, and cloud-catcher, a remote interface for computers.


Cobalt is a Java implementation of the Lua 5.1 virtual machine. Based on LuaJ, it fixes numerous bugs and provides much closer emulation of the original Lua implementation.


If you've got a question about a specific project, it's probably easier just to file an issue on the repository. I tend to check my notifications pretty regularly. Otherwise, you've a couple of options: